Remedy: Omega complex treatment oil

Remedy: Omega complex treatment oil

AU$75.00 一般價格

Remedy is a multitasking Omega-Complex Treatment Oil—rich in omega fatty acids, antioxidants and vitamin E—that delivers a daily dose of hydration to help protect and nourish the skin for a radiant look from head to toe.


• energizes and invigorates the senses with each fast-absorbing drop
• prevents transepidermal water loss by locking in moisture
• infuses the skin with nourishing oils and vitamins

The multipurpose formula has a rich, smooth texture and helps address concerns such as dullness and dry skin without clogging the look of pores or leaving behind a greasy residue. From the face to dry nail cuticles, elbows and even hair, watch and feel as each nourishing, fast-absorbing drop helps protect the skin’s moisture barrier and offsets visible signs of aging, such as fine lines and wrinkles.