Glow: Bamboo brightening mask

Glow: Bamboo brightening mask

AU$90.00 一般價格

Glow is a multi-purpose mask and scrub packed with exfoliating and skin-brightening ingredients for a clearer, smoother-looking complexion that truly glows.

• exfoliates skin to help improve tone and texture
• nourishes the complexion for a healthy-looking radiance
• helps reduce the appearance of skin discoloration for a brighter, clearer-looking complexion

Glow helps revive tired, dull-looking skin without stripping away much-needed moisture. It improves the appearance of discoloration and uneven skin tone by whisking away dead skin cells. The gentle exfoliation helps skin absorb key brightening ingredients, which in turn helps improve skin texture and tone to reveal a smoother, brighter and more luminous-looking complexion.


Glow also doubles as an exfoliating scrub for a quick skin pick-me-up!